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Deep Cleansing & Detox

Facial cleansing with steam and a special detox treatment with the care of Phytomer for every type of skin.

  • 120 min – 60 €

Hydrablue Treatment – Detox and Plumping Moisturizing

A complete and specialized treatment with double action to moisturizing. Reliefs from thirst and moisturizes in a few minutes.The innovative mask “Chauffantnettoyant” with sea zeolites, caolin and oxygenol, cleanses in depth, oxygenates and detoxifies, allowing your skin to breath better. A perfect combination of high effectiveness for pure, moisturized, smooth and radiant skin.otenti.

  • 90 min – 50 €

Douceur Marine

An ideal treatment for a sensitive skin that calms and relieves immediately. It acts instantly to the irritations due to the great composition of soothing ingredients. Water from the sea sources, algae sugars, coral extracts are improving the microcirculation, reassuring smooth and fresh skin.

  • 90 min – 65 €

Acni Pur Treatment

A targeted treatment for acneic skin with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory action. The fresh synthesis of the ingredients cleans the skin deeply, balance the sebum production and help dilative pores. This facial care offers an instant and continuous result while it shows great respect for the skin. A proposal for health rejuvenation and regulation of the acne prone skin.

  • 90 min – 55 €

White Lumination

A specialized treatment for radiant and luminous skin. A combination of natural ingredients and Vitamin C regulate the chaotic excretion of melanin, anticipate and correct the color spots while protecting the skin from the ultraviolet radiation.

  • 90 min – 65 €

Marine Breeze – Antioxidant – Oxygenant

Treatment against free radicals and premature aging of the skin. Oxygenated water from marine sources, rich in minerals and trace elements provide natural stimulant strength which renews detoxifies and protects the skin. The Marine Breeze treatment regulates the imperfections of combination skin allowing to regain her complete radiance.

  • 90 min – 65 €

Eye Perfection – Eye Treatment

An anti-wrinkled eye treatment with collagen’s marine elements and elastin. It soothes the wrinkles of the eye contour and helps in decreasing the edemas and black circles.

  • 45 min – 40 €

Intension jeunesse

An anti-wrinkle –firming treatment that increases the resistance of the skin giving you extended youth. The marine macromolecules contribute to the cells restructure and to the collagen and elastin reproduction as well. The sea retinol and hyaluronic restore the aspect of youth revealing your facial characteristics. An effective radiant-firming and smoothing wrinkle treatment with 100% of natural – effective ingredients of marine resources – which reinvigorate your skin, against the deterioration of time.

  • 90 min – 70 €

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