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Coccon Duotechnology system it the best combination for:

• Visible immediate cellulite reduction of all types or stages
• Adipose fat cells rupture and fat liquidation
• Liposculpture
• Anti local deposition of fat at thighs, buttocks, knees, abdomen, arms
• Reconstruction of connective tissue -> Tightening
• Impressive restoration of skin elasticity
• Face lifting effect
• Neo-collagenesis
• Anti-Aging


• Non-invasive method
• Zero recovery time
• Safe and painless treatment
• Multiple therapies in one device
• Visible results from the first session that last
• Action at all levels of the skin and subcutaneous tissue
• Smart and versatile device with ergonomic heads, automatic calibration of Cavitation headpiece, tissue resistance meter indication and proper implementation indication
• Variety of headpieces to achieve the maximum effect at all points


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