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Shimmer Satin Treatment

We proceed a deep cleansing with salts, corals and hazelnut oil, coconut oil, soya, nut and Oligomer (solidified sea). Then apply a cream with a cocktail of marine ingredients to the whole body that restores the aquatic tone of your skin and prepares it to be safely exposed to the sun.

  • 45 min – 50 €

Sea Foam massage and Calming Mask

A unique relaxing experience for your body, this special treatment soothes, relaxes and invigorates your skin, releaves from tension and offers you an inimitable sense of relaxation and rejuvenation. With natural sea sponges and a creamy –soapy cleanser a warm foamy massage is performed on the entire body for 20 minutes. It is followed by a full body wrap with a toning, soothing mask that enhances skin elasticity. The ritual is completed with the application of a cream soft as a protective veil that deeply moisturizes your skin and offers sublime glow. Perfect therapy for skin after long hours in the sun.

  • 60 min – 75 €

Sculpt Zone

The Sculpt Zone treatment aims to the abdomen-thighs-buttocks area while attacks cellulite and accumulated fat. It is based on a series of «Redox» (reduction-oxidation) reactions, in synergy with the super lipolytic agent «Pepper Slim Active» , which traps the free radicals by neutralizing them, stimulates the action of lipolysis and detoxification and combats and decreases cellulite .

  • 60 min – 80 €

Golden Spa Therapy

A complete body treatment for detoxification, hydration, remineralization, antiaging, renewal, rejuvenation, wellness, through the luxury of gold and the subtle scent of the flowers of the fields and the desert. Artemisia, the flower of Passion, minerals, metals such as gold, pearl and the scent of daisies take you on a magical journey of the senses and the flow of positive energy enveloping you in a veil of gold. Freshness – scents and glow in the eternal art of beauty.


Swan Beauty & Spa
Arkadiou 198 str, Rethymnon (Old Town), Crete

  • 60 min – 110 €

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